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Best Ergonomic Computer Mouses | ErgonomicsDoc

The design of a standard computer mouse hasn’t changed much since the dawn of desktop computers. If you are experiencing stress injuries from repetitive use of a standard mouse, which causes you to keep your wrist in an unnatural position, you may want to consider switching to an ergonomic mouse.   

The benefits of an ergonomic mouse, which keeps the user’s hand in a much more natural position while performing computer tasks, can help alleviate this type of pain and prevent future injury.  

There are many options when it comes to ergonomic computer mouses, and it is oftentimes very difficult to know which to choose. In this article, we will discuss our top three picks for the best ergonomic mouse and which one might be right for you.


Best All-Around Ergonomic Mouse

Best All-Around Ergonomic Mouse

Contour Designs Unimouse $79.99

The Contour Designs Unimouse is a great option for the widest variety of users. It features an adjustable 35-70 degrees of body angle tilt to allow users to self-select their most comfortable body angle. This mouse also has an articulating thumb support so users can adjust the length, width, and angle of their thumb to maximize comfort.  

In a study by Cappelletto, Foglia, and Lyons (2019), the Unimouse took top honors in perceived effort of use, comfort, fatigue with use, and ease of use as well as second place among the six mouses tested in perceived accuracy. 

Additionally, more vertically oriented computer mouses have been proven to reduce muscle load (Chen & Chun-Tong, 2007; Gustafsson & Haberg, 2003; Houwink et al., 2009; Quemelo & Viera, 2014), reduce pain symptoms (Aaras et al., 1999), and deliver improved performance over traditional mouse (Hedge et al., 2010; Odell & Johnson, 2015). 

Needless to say, this mouse fits the bill and is backed by research.

Best Mouse for Specific Hand Sizes

Ergonomic Contour Mouse

Contour Designs Contour Mouse $69.95 for wireless model

The Contour Designs Contour Mouse is a great option for people who know exactly what size they need in a mouse. It comes in small, medium, and large, so the user must select one based on their hand size.

There are many ergonomic benefits to the Contour mouse, but three of the major benefits are:

Reduces Pronation—There is a notch on one side in which to place your thumb, and the mouse slopes downward on the opposite side. This puts your hand at a 17 degree angle, which is a more natural position for your hand.

No Need to Grip—This design means that the force of gravity on the hand alone provides all the control required to move the mouse; there is no need to grip the mouse.

Reduces Pain and Force of Clicking—The tips of the fingers should hang over the end of the mouse slightly, which allows the user to click with the base of the first segment of the finger; meaning the user is not bending, hovering, or lifting up the finger, resulting in 1/10th of the muscles required to perform the clicking action. Because the fingers are not poised in preparation to click, the “clicking fingers” remain relaxed, outstretched, and supported at all times.

With all of these benefits it is no wonder why this mouse’s design has not changed since 1996.


Best Value Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse

AmazonBasics Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse $34.21

For those on a tight budget, the AmazonBasics Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse is a great alternative to the smoother scrolling and highly adjustable Contour Design counterparts. It features an uneven slope that accommodates for different lengths of the index and middle finger, and a concave region on the left for your thumb. On the right, there’s a similar region that the ring and pinky fingers grip. Keep in mind, however, that with a significant difference in price comes significant differences in the quality of the scrolling capabilities and smooth feel of the mouse in your hand. While it does not have the bells and whistles of the other mouse on our list, it is our pick for a good mouse on a budget.

Trust ErgonomicsDoc for Recommended Tools and Tips

As the top source for Atlanta certified ergonomic specialists, ErgonomicsDoc recognizes that the importance of ergonomic tools and ergonomic workspaces has gone largely unrecognized by the modern worker and employer.

If you still have questions about what would be the best ergonomic mouse for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to ErgonomicsDoc for personalized assistance in helping make your workspace a more comfortable, relaxing place to be. (404) 430-2912

Ergonomic mouses are known to provide many benefits to the hand and wrist that standard computer mouse don’t have. These include the use of a more natural hand position and less hand grip, two benefits that can alleviate pain and prevent injury. 

At ErgonomicsDoc, our ergonomic consultants recommend ergonomic mouse to those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. An ergonomic mouse will help prevent this muscle strain by supporting your hand and wrist in a natural position as you work on the computer.

Not all ergonomic mice were created equally, so it’s important to do your research to pick the mouse that’s best for you. Some things to consider are your personal habits and preferences as well as your hand size and whether you would prefer a wireless or traditional mouse. Still unsure? Ask one of our ergonomic consultants to setup your individual or corporate ergonomics program today. (404) 430-2912

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