We know that everyone has different needs.​

Our industrial ergonomic program is designed to provide safe, efficient, and comfortable workstations regardless of industry. Our Physical Therapists and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists are uniquely qualified to tackle any challenge in an industrial environment. All of our assessment specialists are either Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists or Certified Performance Enhancement Specialists allowing us the skill set and ability to combine proper movement patterns, lifting techniques, and state of the art ergonomics to improve the safety and efficiency of all workplace athletes. We have assembled a team of assessment specialists with a wide variety of experience in different workplace environments such as laboratories, fine arts, construction, and warehousing to best serve the needs of all companies and their employees. We are experts in Preventative Ergonomics, and we work with new hires or existing employees to minimize the risk of job-site injuries. We also specialize in Reactive Ergonomics to address issues when they arise. During the ergonomic assessment, we will assess the workstation for OSHA compliance, safety, efficiency, and comfort based on the specific needs of the employee, their physical capabilities, and job requirements.

Each employee will receive instruction on proper body mechanics, posture, and positioning techniques. In addition we work in tandem with your HR and Purchasing Departments to streamline acquisition of the necessary equipment while maximizing the available budget. All corporate assessments receive a comprehensive summary of the visit, detailed action plan, and a 30-day follow-up to assess progress.

Industrial Ergonomic Assessment
Back Pain from lifting boxes

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