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In-Home Office Assessment - Ergonomics Doc

We know each home office is unique. Our In-Home Ergonomics Assessment combines both a musculoskeletal and ergonomic evaluation to provide the most comprehensive recommendations for discomfort caused by working from home. Our experts will assess your workstation and work-habits; evaluate your concerns; examine posture, muscles, and joints; and test your range of motion. Based on the findings, we will then create a customized performance plan catering to your individual needs. We will enhance your workstation design and posture by discussing both quick fixes and long-term ergonomic solutions. We will also provide a customized ergonomic exercise program, assist with purchasing of any recommended equipment, and provide a Letter of Medical Necessity for HSA or FSA reimbursement. This assessment also includes a 30-day follow-up to assess progress.

Ergonomic Workplace Solutions
ErgonomicsDoc: Workplace Ergonomics Assessment

We know that everyone has different needs.‚Äč

Our assessment offers you a customized performance plan to help you work from home in the most comfortable and productive manner.

This assessment is ideal for clients:

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