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Corporate Ergonomics Program | Ergo Valuation | ErgonomicsDoc

We know that each corporation has different needs.

We recognize the diverse needs of each corporation. That is why we customize each ergonomics program to meet the specific needs of each business. We have extensive experience in office environments, retail, and artistic fields. We are experts in Preventative Ergonomics, and we work with new hires or existing employees to minimize the risk of job-site injuries. We also specialize in Reactive Ergonomics to address issues when they arise. We offer corporations the value of both in-home assessments as well as traditional in-office assessments. During the ergonomic assessment, we will assess the workstation for OSHA compliance, safety, efficiency, and comfort based on the specific needs of the employee and their job requirements. When feasible, we test alternative equipment options on-site, which allows us to provide the most accurate and effective workstation enhancements for both short-term fixes as well as long-term solutions. We work in tandem with your HR and Purchasing Departments to streamline acquisition of the necessary equipment while maximizing the available budget. All corporate assessments receive a comprehensive summary of the visit and a 30-day follow-up to assess progress.

In addition, we also offer, tailored in-person and virtual ergonomic training seminars. These seminars will improve workplace safety, reduce worker’s compensation claims, and improve employee engagement.

Corporate Ergonomic Assessments
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