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Atlanta Ergonomic Consulting | ErgonomicsDoc

Some people see a workplace. We see a dynamic relationship between people and their environment. View the everyday differently with custom ergonomic solutions that boost efficiency, improve employee job performance, and reduce the likelihood of work-related injuries.

ErgonomicsDoc is an Atlanta ergonomic consulting company offering cost-effective strategies for safer, more comfortable workspaces. Our approach centers the human, optimizing the safety and well-being of the individual while balancing the demands of the job and productivity performance. Enhance occupational safety and wellness with OSHA-compliant industrial ergonomic solutions, or get work-from-home ergonomics tips for your home office. With services scaled to fit your needs, we optimize working environments for corporations, industrial and warehouse settings, and private individuals.

What to Expect from an Atlanta Ergonomic Assessment

Our in-person and remote Atlanta ergonomic assessment offers a unique opportunity to evaluate the way people work. We identify and document risks that can lead to strains or injuries, including poor work area setup and improper use of equipment. Then, we deliver actionable strategies to address contributing environmental and behavioral factors. Each assessment includes a comprehensive summary of the visit, including postural analysis and equipment review, plus a detailed improvement plan with practical, cost-effective solutions. Ready to get started? Call (404) 430-2912 to schedule an ergonomic assessment in Atlanta today.

ErgonomicsDoc: Workplace Ergonomics Assessment

Atlanta Ergonomic Training

The human element is essential when it comes to designing ergonomic workspaces. More than sit-stand desks or modified keyboards, a good corporate ergonomics plan seeks to evaluate and modify the behaviors and habits of employees as they interact with their work environment. Our in-person and virtual ergonomics training sessions are tailored to your unique needs. Led by an ergonomics expert, informed by our detailed corporate office ergonomic assessment, these engaging seminars are designed to improve safety in the workplace for fewer missed days and fewer worker’s compensation claims.

Engineer Smarter, Healthier Workplaces with ErgonomicsDoc

ErgonomicsDoc is an Atlanta ergonomic consulting company founded by Dr. Scott Leaderman, DPT. With demonstrated expertise in the science of human movement and movement dysfunction, we seek to optimize the workplace using physical modifications, educational training, and supplemental equipment as needed. Working with individuals, businesses, and industrial enterprises, we’ll show you how to reduce absenteeism and boost employee satisfaction while preventing workplace accidents, musculoskeletal disorders, and repetitive strain injuries. Using the science of ergonomics, we transform workspaces, for happier, healthier people, and more productive workdays.

To learn more about how we create ergonomic work environments, call (404) 430-2912 and schedule a free consultation.

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